3D Laser Scanning And As-Built Modelling

3D Laser Scanning and As-Built Modelling

We work under a technical partnership, with ARECATECH SDN BHO (Malaysia) to render 3D Laser Scanning and as-built Modeling Services. We have made substantial investment in Nigeria to procure equipment and train Nigerian personnel.

Our 3D Laser Scanner is used to scan facilities and produce accurate as-built 3D CAD models. The completed model is then leased to the client and constantly updated on a regular economic basis.



We also offer Dimensional Control and Construction Management Services using our High Definition 3D Laser Scanning as an integral part of our as-built data services. We welcome the chance to work with other design/ engineering companies who do not have the capability to generate 3D CAD deliverables.

Our software can easily import scan data from many of the leading Laser Scanners on the market.

We have had ample experience delivering these services in Nigeria, having scanned and modeled Chevron’s Funiwa and North Apoi Production Platforms, and the West African Gas Pipeline Lagos Beach Compressor Station, and other facilities.

Our Vision

To develop Technologies and Expertise to competitively deliver services to our clients without compromising quality, safety and environment standards

Our Mission

To become a Global Energy Services Group to help clients efficiently explore and develop oilfields and other sources of Energy

Our Values

Our Company shall invest in our people and comply with all laws and regulations, and keep clients’ and partners’ confidential information and trade secrets, and shall work to positively impact on our communities

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