Drilling Engineering – WELLPLAN™ Well Engineering Software

Drilling Engineering – WELLPLAN™ Well Engineering Software

WELLPLAN™ is a proven tool used to preclude costly complications that can imperil overall well integrity. It provides drilling engineers a comprehensive set of software tools for analysis, modelling and well operations to create optimal well designs for any challenge. WELLPLAN™ is an established and industry leading software in complex wells around the world for over two decades.


  • Faster engineering workflow creation. Landmark’s industry-leading Engineers Data Model™ (EDM™) platform is incorporated with the WELLPLAN software. This enables engineers to create faster and better-quality engineering workflows from planning to production. For example, integration with Landmark’s OpenWells® rig site data collection and reporting system enables engineers to directly create a WELLPLAN case, automatically populate the case with germane field and rig data, and then use that information to rapidly undertake engineering studies.
  • More decisive well designs Using complex engineering science and modelling, COMPASS enables drilling engineers to analyze and improve well design,, avert stuck pipe situations and BHA failure, minimize drilling problems and drill better wells more efficiently.
  • Get a comprehensive well engineering toolkit. WELLPLAN software provides a comprehensive, integrated software toolkit engineers can turn to for all their well string engineering challenges:
    • Torque/Drag Analysis – Detailed analysis of the torque and drag forces affecting the drill string, casing or liner in the hole.
    • Hydraulics Analysis – Comprehensive pressure drop calculations, bit hydraulics, and hole cleaning analysis.
    • BHA DrillAhead™ Design Software – Models drilling performance of steerable and rotary drilling assemblies.
    • Critical Speed Analysis – Models BHA behavior and identifies critical rotary speeds and high stress concentration in the drill string.
    • Surge/Swab – Transient analysis for swab, surge and reciprocation operations to avoid well control problems and formation damage.
    • Stuck Pipe – Calculates stuck point, back-off force, and jar setting and tripping forces.

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