Real-Time Drilling Optimisation

Real-Time Drilling Optimisation

Our team of Drilling experts provide real-time drilling optimization service round the clock from remote locations.

They monitor real-time operational data and make informed decisions to rapidly troubleshoot drilling challenges.The service is provided with the aim of continually improving our performance as well as adjusting drilling parameters where necessary. Lesson learned are recorded for future application.

In order to eliminate speculation and perception, the Drilling Engineer utilizes drilling dynamics data (bit bounce, whirl etc.) and downhole drilling parameters (WOB, torque etc.) recorded and transmitted real-time by our highly specialized MWD tools. Where necessary these data are used to run simulations on our registered Landmark™ suite of drilling software. Simulations run include:

  • Torque / Drag Analysis – this included BHA Stress and pipe fatigue analyses to ensure the downhole tools are able to withstand the forces generated downhole.
  • Critical Speed Analysis – helps predict safe rotary speeds for BHA components to eliminate downhole tool failure due to vibrations.
  • Hydraulics – ensure the well can be efficiently cleaned within Pressure specifications of rig equipment and mud pumps.
  • Continuous Wellpath deviation monitoring – this involves comparing the actual wellpath with the planned Wellpath using actual Wellbore surveys to ensure the Well being drilled is on the right course and would hit the target within the specified tolerance.

The success of our optimization service is hinged on direct daily contact between the office and rig site teams.

Our Experience

Our Management team combine several years of experience gained from key positions in different sectors of the Nigerian oil industry and their experience is dully passed on to the younger workforce. Thanks to our core values which include: Obedience to the Law, Clients Confidentiality, Team work, Operational Excellence and Integrity, we are able to build a profitable and sustainable oil and gas servicing company that is good for investment.