Our HSE And Quality Culture

Our HSE and Quality Culture

Safety and Quality are at the core of our operations. At all times in our operations, we ensure that the highest level ofsafety and quality is maintained. Protection of our people, sub-contractors, tools, clients’ property and theenvironment from harm is a top priority in every of our operations.

We follow due diligence with our clients and host communities and our job delivery process is managed by documented HSE and QNQC procedures. Also great care is taken to comply with relevant statutory laws andregulations by making efficient use of available resources.

Our safety policy emphasizes accidents prevention through proper education, investments for continuous upgrade of work environment, adequate publicity, personnel participation and merit awards for high safety standards.

At Segofs Energy, we recognize that maintaining high quality standards in all operations is key to our success and reputation. To this end, we strive to consistently provide services that meet the requirements andexpectations of all our customers and other interested parties.

As a commitment to this culture and its continual improvement, a documented Quality ManagementSystem (QMS), which meets the requirements of ISO 0991:2015, has been established, and with measurable objectives.