Pressurised Habitat

Pressurised Habitat

We undertake Rental, Supply and Maintenance of Positive Pressurized Habitats systems. The habitats provide a safe enclosure for the execution of hot tasks in hazardous areas (zone 1 & 2) without the need for production shutdown.

Positive Pressurized Habitats systems offer 2 critical benefits:

  • Containment. The panel arrangement ensures that grinding sparks and/or welding slag have no possibility to escape from the enclosure, the use of Velcro seal ensures no escape of sparks from the zippers, the floor section is well padded with heavy duty fire blankets which arrest fire sparks that falls off from grinding and cutting operation inside the habitat unit.
  • Pressurisation. The inflation method creates an internal overpressure which acts as a barrier to prevent the ingress of hydrocarbons, a Gas Detection Unit (GDU) is also attached in-between the pressure supply channels (Flexible Ducting) to prevent hydrocarbon from reaching the ignition source by automatically shutting down the air supply channel.

The habitat system has been successfully used in Nigeria without production shutdown to support:

    • Dorman Long welding services at SNEPCo Bonga and Sea Eagle FPSOs.
    • Amber Resources welding services at Bumi Armada Perkasa FPSO
    • ACM of Nigeria welding services at Addax Adanga North Hoist and Adanga South Production Platforms.
    • Acergy/Globestar welding/construction services at GN Platform in ExxonMobil East Area Project.
    • Film Ocean ROV Operations at SNEPCoBONGA FPSO
    • All welding operations at various ADDAX fields

Our Habitat units have also been adopted for use in Baywood continental Ltd. installation of boat catcher for SNEPCo Sea Eagle location.