HSE Policy Statement

HSE Policy Statement

It is the policy and objective of SESL to conduct its activities in a manner that ensures maximum security, safety of personnel, property and proper protection of the environment and to maintain good relationship with host communities. This will be achieved by making use of available resources to ensure compliance with statutory laws and regulations.

In the area of Health, our company regulations promote a work place which protects the health of its employees, those of sub-contractors and that of the members of host communities. Our safety policy emphasizes accidents prevention through proper education, investments to work environment upgrade, adequate publicity, personnel participation and merit awards for high safety standards. Should there be any serious accident or uncertain condition of health beyond first aid, our retainer’s clinic will be contacted.

To adhere to this policy, it is the responsibility of HSE Personnel, Line Managers and Supervisors to;

  • Carry out periodic checks and assessment of all operational area and environment to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures.
  • Promote regular training programmes to enlighten and empower staff to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.
  • Uphold mandatory engineering standards and function within the guidelines stipulated by all its affiliate bodies on all safety and environmental issues.
  • Ensure that clients/clients/prevailing HSE statutory requirements will constitute minimum HSE standard for every project or activity we embark on.
  • Consistently promote good community relations by providing assistance (within the limit of our resources) to host community.
  • Communicate the policy to all persons working under their control to make them aware of their individual responsibilities. The policy shall also be available to all interested parties.
  • Review the policy periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.



Engr. Bart Nwibe
Group Managing Director